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With Aximill, 100% recycling is possible.

Be a part of this rapidly growing, high profit, high employment industry.

Aximill has invested considerable time achieving economical recycling capabilities, for the separation of valuable materials from waste products. Some of these materials can be reused with no loss of quality or value and further developed into new products.

When used in combination with other size reduction equipment, the Aximill provides the final step in size reduction, drying, and separation as a one-pass, all-in-one solution.

Aluminium Industry

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A version of the Aximill was shown to be very effective in separating metallic aluminium from the oxides and silicates skimmed from the top of smelting crucibles. The dross formed on the crucibles was run through a crusher and mechanical separator with roughly 50% returned to the smelter. The remaining toxic prescribed waste still contained 46% metallic aluminium. The Aximill reduced this to 4%.

Automotive Industry

recycling icon New carpet offcuts at car factories, contain valuable nylon on a cheaper plastic backing.
The one metre Aximill effectively separates the nylon pile from the plastic backing. The nylon can be returned to virgin stock. The backing plastic is also recycled.

Urethane foam offcuts can also be micronized and reused.

Aximill is developing technology to grind tyre crumb to under 500 micron (European Industrial Standard Requirement) and separating the Dacron cord and steel reinforcement at the same time.

Recycled Car Tyres: Dacron Fibre (left) & Rubber Granules, 500 micron (right)

The images above are the result of passing shredded car tyre (10-15mm) through the Aximill in one pass. The Dacron fibre, rubber (500 micron), and steel, separate and can easily be recovered for further processing. In other tests the Aximill has reduced the rubber size to 15-30 micron.

Fibres & Paper Industry

recycling iconCurrently Aximill is the only machine that will mill EFB from the oil palm to a grade usable for chip board.

The Aximill excels in dry separation of fibres in paper and cardboard with minimal degradation of the fibres.

Aximill has done extensive work with hemp “hurd” (the product remaining after fibre removal) as well as the hemp fibre itself.

Good results were obtained with sugar cane fibre, both for industrial purposes and as edible soluble fibre.
Aximill has also worked with merino wool, which when processed with newspaper, provided an excellent insulation material. Fire retardants can be added.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

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Aximill has done extensive work with recycling inkjet cartridges. The process reduces the cartridge to under 1mm particles, and makes it simple to reclaim the copper and gold content in the cartridge. Aximill also separates the urethane foam from the polycarbonate and ink.

Recycling Opportunities

Areas of recycling where the Aximill can be used with great efficiency:

  • Rubber Waste
  • Carpet Waste
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Plaster board
  • Foam Waste
  • Plastic, including PET and Plastic Film
  • Waste Paper
  • Electrical Waste
  • Cable recycling
  • Forest Waste
  • All Types of Straw and Grasses

These are just a few examples of the many waste stream products that can be processed using the Aximill