Aximill Models

Technical Specifications

Type Model 250 500 1000
A mm 950 1340 2010
B mm 550 800 1300
C mm 1000 1100 1300
Motor kW 15 to 21 37 to 45 75 to 115

Note: All Dimensions are approximate.
All dimensions and data given are for guidance purposes only. The Company reserves the right to alter or amend machine design and/or published data in the interest of product development.

aximill CAD

Aximill 250

250mm diameter model

The Aximill 250 is a must have item for laboratories, universities, research organizations, mineral assaying companies. In fact, anybody who regularly requires micronized materials with the minimum of contamination, for the purpose of analysis or production. Simple and quick to dismantle and clean.

The Aximill 250 is ideally suited to the smaller business that has limited electrical power available. A blessing for small flour millers and specialty bakeries, (up to 300kg of flour per hour) health food suppliers, herb and spice importers etc.

Aximill 500

500mm diameter model

The Aximill 500 will do all of the above, but with twice the throughput, easy to clean, minimum foot print. Does not require floor fixing.

The Aximill 500 is ideal for many recycling and manufacturing duties, with economical throughput of dry and semi wet products into out put of micronized and dry product.

Aximill 1000

1000mm diameter model

The Aximill 1000 is a serious industrial contender. As with the smaller models, the 1000 is designed to be used as a 24/7 continuous process machine. For some applications, rather than develop larger versions of the Aximill, it is far more economical to gang the Aximills together. This also ensures continued production if one machine requires maintenance. In high wear situations (mineral grinding, for example), the critical parts can be exchanged in hours rather than days. This gang milling technique can be applied to any size Aximill machine.

The end use of the machines will determine the ancillary equipment required and the extra power it will take to run this equipment ie blowers, dryers, chillers, cyclone filters etc. All three models can be made portable with the appropriate ancillary equipment and power generation.

Aximill 1000 With Bulk Bag Feed, Classifier, Cyclone and Bagging Station

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