Food Industry

Clean Label

tick iconAximill's revolutionary food processing capability, delivers an additive-free, contaminant free product. Aximill can grind and dry without the need for carriers or emulsifiers, resulting in a more natural product.

Freshness Assured

tick iconBy using closed-circuit inert gases during processing, rancidity of oils is minimised, and the shelf-life of products extended.
Once vacuum packed, the product is room-temperature stable.

True Taste

tick iconAximill dries product at very low temperatures (under 45⁰c). This constrains nutrient loss, maintaining protein, enzyme, and vitamin levels, colour and taste. Sugar, for example, can be ground superfine without caramelizing.

Continuous Processing

tick iconAximill has developed the most efficient system for drying product such as vegetables (typically to under 4% moisture content). Processing is continuous, removing the constraints of batch processing.

Edible Fibres / Supplements

Aximill has performed considerable research work on edible fibres, such as hemp hurd, sugar cane fibre, pectin, and vegetable fibres. Some of these fibres can be extremely resistant to micronization. Aximill lends itself particularly well to reducing these fibres to dietary fibre sizes.
Kelp, which can take three or four passes through a jet mill to reduce over size particles, only needs one pass with the Aximill. Macro/micro sea weeds, only partially dried, mill equally well through the Aximill.
Also tested are: star anise, ginseng root, teas, constituents of curries, peppercorns, shark cartilage, and sugars.

Co-Grinding To Produce Flours

Aximill has the ability to mix raw vegetables and herbs with grains or pulses. This co-grinding of products results in nutrient rich flours ready for use in speciality breads and pasta, for example.

The Aximill has been tested successfully for milling: wheat, barley, millet, oats, rice, corn, legumes, lupins, chick peas etc. Some of these products present problems for conventional milling because of the product shape and fat content. The performance of the Aximill is unaffected by the variations between these foods. Great potential exists for developing gluten free blends, as gluten intolerance in the general population is increasing.

Example performance parameters:

  • Medium coarse bread flour will pass through our one metre diameter machine at 1000kg/hr
  • Millet at up to 1800kg/hr
  • Very fine rice flour at 500kg/hr

Success has been proven in drying and powdering vegetables and herbs without loss of volatiles and aromatics, colour and nutritional value.

Blended Products

The Aximill is extremely efficient at blending products and/or emulsifying (see below):

Peanut Butter

Over the years, extensive trialling with peanuts has produced outstanding results. Because of the intensity of the churning, and in the interests of minimising oxidation, the trials were performed under nitrogen. Various grades from coarse to extremely fine were produced, and with the finer grades additives such as sugar and salt were pre-milled and blended in at the conclusion of the process. Throughputs vary with degree of smoothness, but the finest grade still results in approximately 100 kg/hr in a single-step process.

Almonds (Flour, Butter/Oil, Milk)

Almond flour is being used more and more by people with wheat and gluten allergies, as is almond milk by people with lactose and soy intolerance. With the coolant temperature on the Aximill set at 6 to 8 deg C, it is possible to produce a range of almond flour from coarse to fine at rates of up to 400 kg/hr. This can be done under nitrogen to enhance shelf-life. With a simple reconfiguring of the micronising chamber, the Aximill produces a very fine almond oil with the fibre content at sub 5 micron, and a creamy colour. Production of oil is approximately 150 kg/hr. No filtration is necessary unless a clear oil is required.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is produced by blending almond oil with water, and emulsifying the mix. The milk can be made as a concentrate or at the final dilution. By blending the oil and water and passing through the Aximill at high speed, a very high quality emulsification is achieved and results in a very flavoursome white milk. No filtration is necessary.


At this stage, no attempt has been made to produce macadamia nut flour on our part because we are unaware of any demand for it. But opportunity lies in macadamia nut milk. Using the same technique as above with the almonds, first a very fine macadamia oil was produced from macadamia pieces. No filtration was necessary, as all solids and fibre were micronised to under 5 micron. The oil was then emulsified with water, producing a very flavoursome white milk. Throughput is similar to almonds. As with all these products, the Aximill can be further optimised to maximise throughput and efficiency.

Grape Honey

As a demonstration of the versatility of the Aximill, two kilograms of ripe, whole Muscatel grapes were passed through the Aximill 250 at a high speed setting. The temperature of the product did not exceed 40 deg C and was reduced to a concentrate which had 60 percent of the moisture removed. The skins, seeds, and constituent fibre were reduced to under 10 micron in size. The concentrate had an amazingly smooth, sweet taste. This is a cost effective way of making grape concentrates for icecreams, confectionery, desserts, etc, and can be cold-pasteurised by the high-pressure method. The moisture reduction is determined by the sugar and/or fat content of the product, and varies from product to product.

Meats & Related Products

Aximill undertook a study to investigate the potential use of the technology in the meat industry. The results were extremely gratifying. It was possible to grind raw cuts of meat to a dry powder. Coarsely minced marrow bones could be ground to a coarse meal, or fine ground to separate the marrow and fat from the bone meal. Development is ongoing in this area.
Cooked meats gave outstanding results. Beef, chicken, and pork cubed to 10mm and processed through the Aximill resulted in fine dry powders, with exceptional taste and nutrient value.
These powders lend themselves to be instantly turned into stocks and gravies. Vacuum packing and closed circuit gas processing would result in long shelf life.

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Page last updated: 14 September 2016

Ground Fresh Bay Leaf
Under 50μm, Under 4% Moisture

Beetroot & Millet Flour
Under 15μm, Under 4% Moisture

Carrot & Millet Flour
Under 20μm, Under 4% Moisture

Raw Bone & Marrow
Under 1000μm

Raw Beef
Under 50μm, Under 5% Moisture