The Competitive Edge

Benefits of Using Aximill


Aximill 500

  • In a single-pass, this one machine performs many of the operations performed by much larger, more expensive whole processing systems.
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  • An Aximill can replace ball mills, pin mills, jet mills, hammer mills, rotating disc mills, and others, across a vast range of materials. One machine can do it all!
  • More effective and precise control of particle size than jet mills - controlled particle morphology means a better final product.
  • The continuous throughput, all-in-one processing, means a small, fully enclosed system.
      This means:
    • a high level of automation;
    • reduced manual intervention;
    • and reduced risk of contamination.
      • This delivers:
      • a reduced variability of products;
      • higher yields than batch processing;
      • and increased profitability.
  • The smart design means reduced downtime of the machine due to:
    • few moving parts → low maintenance;
    • and easy to clean → changing over of feed material is made hassle free.

Page last updated: 15 April 2015