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AXIMILL - micronising, drying, and classification, all-in-one!
A complete grinding system in one tidy machine!
Available in 3 sizes.

Outstanding Performance

  • One-pass processing
  • Continuous throughput
  • Easy adjustment of particle size
  • Dries the product at low temperatures
  • Extensive range of adjustments and exchange components
  • Versatility in a grinding system
  • Processes a greater range of materials than competing grinding technology
  • Learn what Aximill can do for you

Industrial Application: Food

tickClean Label

tickTrue Taste

tickFreshness Assured

tickContinuous Processing

Suitable for grinding, co-grinding/mixing, and blending of food products, including flours, butters, meat...
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Industrial Application: Recycling

tickSave Valuable Resources

tickMinimise Product Degradation

tickCleaner Processing

tickEfficient Processing

With Aximill, 100% recycling is made possible. Recycle rubber, plastic, glass, foam, paper...
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